Urgent plea to help end the Manus crisis

Sister Patty Fawkner, newly-elected Congregational Leader of the Good Samaritan Sisters, has joined with the voices of many who are urgently calling on the Australian Government and all Federal Parliamentarians to find a humane and just solution to the current...

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Michael Gordon RIP

With the untimely death of journalist, Michael Gordon, we have lost a great champion of our efforts on behalf of asylum seekers and refugees. Michael wrote with great insight and understanding of the plight of asylum seekers and refugees and, what is more rare these...

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“Every day I am crushed”

Said Imasi does not know where or exactly to whom he was born. Orphaned as a child, he was trafficked into mainland Europe where he was kept as a house slave in Belgium before escaping, living on the streets of Paris and Frankfurt, and falling in with...

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