We’re Better Than This

“A movement for ordinary Australians who want both sides of politics to hear us when we say we believe we can do better than we are currently doing when it comes to managing kids seeking refuge.” Bryan Brown. Please share this video and go to WBTTAUS.org — three easy ways to be part of the movement.

The Veil

This film was made especially for BASP. The boat know to Australian authorities as SIEV X ( Suspected Illegal Entry Vessel) sank in October 2001 with a loss of 353 lives, mostly women and young children. The governments of Australia and Indonesia argued about where it sank, but neither attempted a rescue. ‘The Veil’ invites us to pause to commemorate this tragedy.

BASP Fund Raiser

All you need do, is get a few friends together. How one group of friends helped raise funds for housing.

Visions – Brigid Arthur. Seg 1

Visions – Brigid Arthur. Seg 2

Visions – Brigid Arthur. Seg 3

Speaking up for Refugees

Brigidine Sister Brigid Arthur csb, one of the founders of the Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project, shares some of her long experience of working with asylum seekers.