The following article has to make any decent minded Australian wonder at the price our leaders are prepared to pay to remain in power and the extent to which a majority of us are prepared to condone what is being done in our name.

“The bare facts make Akam’s case straightforward: he is stateless – no country recognises him as its citizen – and he was quickly able to prove a well-founded fear of persecution in Iran. Australia recognised him as a refugee in 2016 and is legally obliged to protect him. Akam cannot be forcibly returned to a place of harm”

“We have signed a contract – the refugees convention – to protect people such as Akam and, further, to treat them with dignity and respect. Instead we lock children up and then claim there are no children in detention, when the real reason is that they got old.”  We traumatize them and their families because they sought our help and we add to their pain by giving them no hope – the worst pain of all