1. It is clear that the Australian electorate wants an end to the intentional cruelty of asylum seekers and refugees. Should the proposal to close the offshore detention centres and bring the asylum seekers to Australia be put forward, would you support it? What alternatives would you propose?

2. Do you support the call for a Royal Commission into the running of the detention centres given the inhumane treatment of the asylum seekers and the extraordinary financial outlay expended on them? Should this RC be extended to cover the whole process of our refugee immigration policy?

3. We know that there are many people on Nauru in need of urgent medical attention. Can you explain why so few people have been brought to Australia as a result of the Medivac Bill?

4. People in our onshore detention centres have been deprived of their freedom and kept in limbo as to when their application for a visa will be processed. Why does the current process need to impose such conditions of uncertainty, amounting sometimes to years, on traumatized people?

5. Do you have any knowledge of how the asylum seekers on Bridging Visas who have lost their small income from the government (SRSS support) manage to survive in our communities?

6. Would you argue against the Coalition’s policy that mandatory detention is necessary for our national security? If so, how would you counter this argument?