With the untimely death of journalist, Michael Gordon, we have lost a great champion of our efforts on behalf of asylum seekers and refugees.

Michael wrote with great insight and understanding of the plight of asylum seekers and refugees and, what is more rare these days, he wrote with great compassion. He was fearless in exposing the injustices perpetrated upon them and did not waver from repeatedly representing their cause. He gave them hope and he gave us the courage to continue to work for them. He challenged the Governments of the day, and he challenged the Australian people to an examination of conscience as to our treatment of people who came to us for help. His was a voice that could not be silenced nor diverted from its purpose. Our hope is that such was his generosity in sharing his expertise with younger reporters, and such was the genuine regard and love his co-workers had for him, that someone of these may be inspired to carry on his courageous and extraordinary journalistic efforts.