BASP Volunteer Policy


The purpose of this policy is to provide those responsible for BASP and the people who volunteer their services to BASP with an understanding of their obligations and responsibilities towards each other.


  • do not receive payment for the services they provide;
  • are recognised by those responsible for BASP to act on their behalf;
  • include, but are not limited to, those:
    – holding office such as management committees or boards;
    – supervising or assisting in the running of outreach programs
    – involved in a range of activities assisting people seeking asylum and refugees.

Engaging Volunteers

Volunteers are required to undertake an appropriate Police Check / Working with Children Check.  Additional references regarding good character may be required.  Consistent with its mission and values, BASP strives to ensure children and vulnerable people, with whom they work, are safe and secure.

Induction and Training

Every volunteer will have an interview regarding the role. They will be given an outline of the work of BASP and introductions to other staff and volunteers, where appropriate.  The volunteer will be made familiar with their specific task and any training required.  Volunteers will be given access to a copy of the relevant policies and procedures, if required and alerted to the relevant components on the BASP website.

BASP Responsibilities

BASP recognises its responsibilities to volunteers and undertakes to:

  • Provide volunteers with tasks that are appropriate to the volunteers’ skills, abilities and interests.
  • Provide volunteers with information, supervision and training in order to perform their tasks.
  • Provide volunteers with a safe workplace.
  • Provide volunteers with appropriate insurance cover.
  • Reimburse any authorised expenses the volunteer may have incurred other than travel expenses.
  • Authorise the volunteer to undertake volunteer duties as mutually agreed at the time of appointment or as they may vary over time.
  • Have clear lines of accountability and authority for persons appointed to volunteer roles
  • Amend or cease the activity if either the volunteer or the person seeking asylum is not comfortable with the arrangement.

Responsibilities of the Volunteer 

The volunteer will conduct him/herself in accordance with the organisation’s policies and procedures. This includes:

  • Respecting the privacy and dignity of people seeking asylum, not breaching confidentiality in public or private
  • Undertaking the tasks as agreed with the volunteer coordinator.
  • Treating people as they would like to be treated
  • Understanding and demonstrating respect for cultural differences
  • Reporting any concerns, risks or issues or issues which arise in their allocated activity to the relevant co-ordinator
  • Advising the co-ordinator if they are unable to attend as agreed.

Complaints Procedure

Volunteers who have a complaint or grievance should raise the issue with one of the Coordinators. If the issue is not resolved they should contact the Executive Director of Kildare Ministries who will follow the organisation’s grievance procedure.


Volunteers are required to respect the confidentiality of the people with whom they work and the matters of the organisation within which they work. The organisation will respect the privacy and confidentiality of information regarding personal information supplied by volunteers.

Occupational Health and Safety

All reasonable steps will be undertaken to provide volunteers with a workplace compliant with OH&S standards.  All volunteers are covered with Public Liability Insurance and Volunteer Workers Personal Accident Insurance.