Every person, irrespective of age, race, gender or religion has the right to live safely, free from persecution. When applying to Australia for protection, asylum seekers should be treated with
dignity and respect and their claims should be processed with expediency.

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Urgent plea to help end the Manus crisis

Sister Patty Fawkner, newly-elected Congregational Leader of the Good Samaritan Sisters, has joined with the voices of many who are urgently calling on the Australian Government and all Federal Parliamentarians to find a humane and just solution to the current humanitarian crisis on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, where the safety, health and well-being of over 600 refugees and asylum seekers is in jeopardy.

Download her full statement here: Urgent Plea

We at BASP urge you to follow her call to action. Ring your parliamentary leaders and representatives and urge them to move these men to safety.

Family Support through English Teaching

We are looking for volunteers!

BASP is running a volunteer program to provide English lessons to asylum seekers in the community. Click here to learn more about the program and how you can volunteer.

Getting Involved

You can get involved through volunteering and donations and by staying informed.

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