Every person, irrespective of age, race, gender or religion has the right to live safely, free from persecution. When applying to Australia for protection, asylum seekers should be treated with
dignity and respect and their claims should be processed with expediency.

Act Now on the Nauru files

The Guardian newspaper has published disclosures concerning widespread and long-time shocking abuses that have been occurring in our offshore detention centres. At BASP we hear these stories from staff and detainees on Nauru. Now they are in the spotlight and the stories of inhumanity are simply too bad to ignore. Now is the time to act while a spot light is being shed on the horror. Can you write, ring and visit as many MPs as you can.

(a) Express outrage at the abuse, and the extent of it, that is being perpetrated upon the most defenceless of people including children.

(b) Write about the humiliation experienced by all Australians, justly proud of our humanitarian history, by the widespread publicity given to these injustices in overseas news reports.

(c) Ask the Prime Minister to act decisively as he did in calling for a Royal Commission into the situation in our NT Juvenile Detention Centres

(d) Indicate your strong desire that these detention centres be closed immediately and the inmates be brought to Australia as soon as possible.

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Getting Involved

You can get involved through volunteering and donations and by staying informed.

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