“The Impossible Refugee Boat Lift” – New York Times

Just after our recent federal election, another asylum seeker boat arrived from Indonesia. Two of those on board were journalists from the New York Times. They write:

“It’s hard to overstate how contentious an issue boat people are in Australian politics. From an American perspective, zealousness on the subject of immigration is nothing unfamiliar. But what makes Australia unique is the disconnect between how prominently boat people feature in the national dialogue, on the one hand, and the actual scale of the problem, on the other. Over the past four years, most European countries have absorbed more asylum seekers, per capita, than Australia — some of them, like Sweden and Liechtenstein, seven times as many. All the same, for more than a decade now, successive Australian governments have fixated on boat people, making them a centerpiece of their agendas.”

Read their story of their journey by clicking here.


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