Dear BASP supporter,

Today isn a black day for decency in our country – so this is a request that you take any action you can to show your reaction to the Government’s sending people currently here in Australia back to Nauru or Manus Island.

The High Court has handed down a ruling that could allow the Government to send 267 innocent people back to the harmful island jail of Nauru and the horrors of Manus Island; this number includes about 90 children, 37 of them just babies.

There is a rally in Melbourne to protest against this tomorrow.

5:30pm, State Library of Victoria
Click to go to the Facebook site
There are actions in each capital city.

Some background:

The High Court case was launched by a Bangladeshi detainee on Nauru who was brought to Australia for treatment after she experienced health issues during pregnancy.

She gave birth to her daughter in Brisbane, and brought the challenge to avoid being returned to the detention centre.

Lawyers for the woman argued that it was illegal for the Australian Government to fund and operate detention centres in a third country.

During the case the Government changed the law to close a loophole in the funding arrangements, which it feared could be undermined by the challenge.

Today a majority of the court’s bench found the current government arrangements were valid under the Constitution.

Before the decision, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton flagged his intention to send a group of 160 adults, 37 babies and 54 children currently in Australia back to Nauru, should the Government win.

One of the children facing return to Nauru is a five-year-old boy allegedly raped at the detention centre. The boy’s alleged attacker remains at the centre. There are women who have been raped and sexually abused also facing a similar return to Nauru.

Please write, talk to MPs, rally – do whatever you can to draw attention to this cruelty and hopefully prevent such terrible action by the Government.

Brigid Arthur

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