Mental trauma in detained children will last

The Guardian reports that “Children in detention suffer more serious mental health crises than adults and their mental health deteriorates the longer they are detained, the government’s detention healthcare provider has warned the immigration department. It also says the detention of children will cause them long-term mental health damage that will persist long after they are released…

…The number of children in immigration detention in Australia has fallen significantly, from a peak of 1,992 in July 2013 to 104 currently. However, those children still in detention have been incarcerated for far longer periods on average.

The average time people, including children, have been in detention is currently 445 days. Nearly a quarter – 23.5% – of people have been in detention more than two years.

Seventy children remain in detention on Nauru and about 80 are on Nauru as refugees. There are no remaining asylum seeker or refugee children on Manus…”

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