Friendship through teaching English

Volunteers Welcome!

Teaching EnglishThe Friendship through teaching English program was established to provide asylum seeker family groups with personalised in-home assistance in the use of everyday English. It also aims to provide friendship and support to help them settle into their local Australian community.

How does it work?

Our volunteers work in pairs, providing flexibility and support to each other. Each pair visits an assigned family once a week and spends about an hour teaching conversational English. The day and time of each visit is agreed between the family and the volunteers. As the program develops, so does the friendship and trust between volunteers and families.

Some of our volunteers then choose to undertake activities with their family – visits to shopping centres, libraries, op shops, places of interest, etc all provide a good way to increase vocabulary, as well as learn about how to navigate through essential services.

We need your help

We have many asylum seeker families still needing our help and we are now seeking more volunteer teachers to help us support them.

If you would like some more information about the program, please click here to read our brochure. Contact details for the program coordinators are listed in the brochure or you can use the Contact Us form to contact the BASP coordinators directly.