Children on Nauru “subjected to multiple violations of human rights”

A group of anonymous Save The Children workers have written a new document outlining abuses on Nauru. It includes new claims that:

– Childcare workers cannot remove children who are abused from detention
– Children are bullied and threatened by fellow detainees
– Save the Children staff are “actively discouraged” from advocating for the removal of children by their managers except “in the most extreme cases of documented harm”
– A lack of access to interpreters inhibits the capacity to conduct child protection investigations
– Inadequate access to food and nutrition for children
– Inadequate child protection training for security staff
– “Chronic” understaffing, meaning children cannot be adequately supervised
– Family members being separated across the detention network, with some children left on Nauru while a parent receives treatment on the mainland
– Unaccompanied minors self-harming and a lack of clarity over who has guardianship over them
– There are only two bathrooms for about 200 children to share at the recently created classroom inside the detention centre

(summary copied from The Guardian)

Click here to read the Guardian report.

Or click here to read the full submission made by the Save The Children workers.

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