Bob Carr makes misleading, inaccurate statements about asylum seekers

We have been saddened to hear Foreign Minister Bob Carr’s recent statements about asylum seekers who arrive by boat. During a recent interview and subsequent parliamentary question time, he claimed many are not fleeing persecution but are in fact “economic” refugees. These statements are entirely unsupported by the facts, that show that about 90% of boat arrivals are found to be genuine refugees.

Carr’s statements to Tony Jones on ABC’s lateline can be viewed on the ABC website and his statements during parliamentary question time have been transcribed on the Australian Greens website.

Former Immigration Minister John Menadue has written about these statements in his Pearls And Irritations blog.

Refugee advocate Julian Burnside also commented about the “arrogant and misguided” views put forward by Carr. These have been reported on ABC radio.

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