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About Asylum Seekers

  • Asylum seekers are ordinary human beings with the same emotions and reactions that most of us would have in similar circumstances.
  • Contrary to the images sometimes projected by government and the media, most asylum seekers arrive in Australia by air as authorized travellers.
  • They have been involved in persecution in their own countries that we find hard to imagine from the safety of this country.
  • Who have already been traumatised by what is happening to them in this country and lack of freedom and security play havoc on their mental condition.
  • Some are still deprived of work rights and no one gets social security benefits during the lengthy processing of their application for asylum seeker status and rely entirely on community support for shelter and food.
  • They keep hoping the Australian people can get to know their real stories so that they will not be seen as criminals or terrorists.
  • They have families – mothers and fathers, wives and husbands and children and they both grieve for them and worry about them.
  • They are immensely grateful to all those who support them in any way at all.

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Who seek asylum in Australia?

This brochure is a brief introduction to the largest current groups of asylum seekers in Australia – Hazaras and Tamils.

First Step After Getting a Permanent Visa

Mahammad’s family is in Quetta. His wife and three children live in fear of their lives because Pakistan is now very dangerous for Hazaras from Afghanistan. The first thing Mahammad did when he got a Visa as a refugee was to start planning how to see his family and how to get them out of danger. This has been an uphill battle and it is no way near completion. He did manage to get to Pakistan and see them for a few weeks. A very poignant moment for us was Mahammad showing us his children still asleep on the morning he had to leave. He did not wake them—just took their

Download the Story – First Step after Getting a Permanent Visa.