Sites We Read

The Asylum Seeker LINC Project is now on Facebook. The project aims to link asylum seekers with people in the Port Phillip area who have goods to donate.

Refugee Advocacy Network (RAN) –  BASP is part of this network.  RAN is a broad coalition of organizations working to advance a just and humane approach to refugees and asylum seekers based on their right to seek asylum, that respects their human rights and ensures their safety and  freedom.

Hotham Mission

Refugee Action Collective Victoria

Red Cross

A Just Australia

Refugee Council of Australia

Eureka Street Poems

Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Trauma & Torture

The Edmund Rice Centre

Refugee Facts

SBS Where Australia Stands On Asylum Seekers

Road To Refuge a great resource for students.

Centre for Policy Development – Refugee Pages

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Amnesty International Refugee Page

Julian Burnside

Song For Selva (Links to YouTube)

Get Up: Refugee Mythbusting (Links to YouTube)